PKIG held a training course

PKIG organized a training course for Brochocki Agency on “COMMERCIAL AREA MEASUREMENT AND DEVELOPMENT METHODS” in such international standards as: BOMA, IPSM, GIF, TEGoVA 2012, PN ISO 9836:1997, Act on Local Taxes and Charges. The training was based on the practical aspects of the issue. During the three hours we shared together, we discussed the […]

norma BOMA

BOMA standards

The different types of BOMA standards: As we speak about the BOMA standard, we may often be unaware that this abbreviation refers to as many as 6 different standards applicable to buildings with different functions. The most popular standard dedicated to office buildings is entitled Office Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.1 – 2010). […]