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The commercial market has its own rules. In order to define the object of lease, e.g. for the purpose of selling or rental, it is necessary to precisely determine the leasable areas of each respective building or premises on the basis of one of the available Polish or international commercial surface area measurement standards.


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This portal was developed to provide details about area measurement and development standards according to Polish and international codes. If you are interested in more detailed discussion of the subject, please contact us directly.

The legislation in force does not emphasize any specific standard as mandatory, and therefore you can choose a standard that will help you obtain the most advantageous surface area in the given building at the given time, place and circumstances.

We are experts in surface area measurements and we know which standard or provision to use in order to optimize the area for the specific purpose. We calculate Add-on Factor for every standard that may allow determination of tenants' percentages in the building's add-on.

 Under the specific tabs, there is a brief presentation of the general rules applied under the particular standards; if you are interested in learning more details about area measurement standards and rules of standards selection for specific purposes, see our training proposal.

Commonly applied standards:

BOMA- American standard developed by The U.S. Building Owners And Managers Association, divided into several variants, according to the relevant function of the building. Currently the most popular standard worldwide, and the primary source of information about lease areas for the purposes of rent calculation, and methods of managing the building, expansion options, or operating costs.

TEGoVA- a standard issued by the European Group of Valuers' Associations, defining the method of lease measurements for market purposes.

GIF- a German directive for measurement of lease areas for commercial space, developed by the Society of Property Research in Germany.

RICS- an English standard defining the rules of measurement of buildings for valuation, management, transfer of title, design, taxation, sale or rental purposes. Developed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

IMPSthe international standard of office buildings measurement, developed pursuant to the effort of 57 organizations, aimed at consolidating area measurement methodology worldwide.

PN ISO 9836:1997  Performance standards in building - defining and calculation of area and space indicators in construction - a Polish standard that specifies multiple types of areas, such as footprint, total area, indoor area, available floor area, and specifying the methods of measurement.

PN-70/B-02365- a Polish standard for measuring area and space in existing buildings.


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